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We have provided 6 software that will help you to arrange, organise and manage your daily task. With a simple step all your task will be completed.

Secretariat Service

Track Of Corporate Records & File Annual Reports To Stay In Compliance


Workflow Building

with blocks


Acknowledgement System

with approval flow


Document Filing

Organised and safe



With reminder

HR - Payroll

Simple and Easy To Manage Employee’s Payroll Records



request and approval claims


Create Payroll & Generate Payslip

automated calculation and in bulk

payroll record

Payroll Records

easier to track and manage


Data Export

in preferred formats

HR - Leave

Easy To Track, Approve and Deny Employee’s Leave Request


Request Leave

with approval flow


Leave Balance

settings for each member


Report Leave

easier to track and manage


Data Export

in preferred formats


HR - Attendance

Track and Optimise The Hours That Employee’s Spend On The Job



punch in/out with proof


Approval Attendance

with flow


Report Attendance

easier to track and manage


Calendar Setting

for workday and holiday

Corporate Strategy

Define Organisation Vision, Values and Strategies

objective mangement

Objectives management

with drag & drops



manage task easier

gantt chart

Gantt chart view

easier to tracks

Corporate Strategy
Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal

Manage Employee’s Performance By Evaluating The Employee



with indicator score


Evaluation Template

easier to manage


Evaluation Scheduling

to send out on time


Report Scoring

to review performance

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Anya Active opened a business account in 5 minutes, 100% online

By choosing Aspire to start their business, Anya Active skipped the need for branch visits or lengthy paperwork, saving time and money that they used to grow the business.


Recruitment, Software

NodeFlair manages employee expenses with ease, by issuing corporate cards to the entire team

NodeFlair implemented a corporate card program that distributed purchasing power to their employees, empowering the team while maintaining real-time visibility on spend.

Eezee logo

B2B Procurement

Eezee saves 30 hours every month, and optimised their cash flows by automating account-payables

B2B marketplace Eezee was able to overcome the challenge of facilitating daily payments to suppliers, and leveraged scheduled payments to optimise their cashflow.


Health, Wellness & Fitness

Sustenance scaled its international presence using the Aspire Card

With significant cashback and FX savings with Aspire, Sustenance reinvested those gains to take their business beyond borders and optimised costs in new operating markets.

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